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Help us to bring the gift of music to the children of Cork

We at Cork Youth Orchestra CLG depend greatly on our sponsors. We would like to thank everyone who has sponsored us in the past, and those who continue to provide much-needed funding on an ongoing basis. This generosity helps us allow young people to engage with their peers, build life-long friendships, and enjoy making music together.
CYO is a Revenue Approved Body for Education in the Arts and as a result we can claim a refund of tax on personal contributions of €250 or more during the tax year (on completion by the donor of a CHY4 form). This means that a personal donation of €250 can be worth an additional €112 to CYO with no additional cost to the individual making the donation.Download CHY4 form
Please note: if you are donating €250 or more, please download the CHY4 Form, above, complete it, and contact CYO to arrange to get the form to us.
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