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Posted on 16 June 2011

Ireland's First Youth Orchestra formed in 1958

"The inspiration to form a CORK YOUTH ORCHESTRA came in the first instance, as a result of that memorable visit early in the year of the world-renowned National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain."........quote from The Cork Examiner on July 2nd 1958.

Mr Michael O'Callaghan. M.A. B.Mus was the founding conductor. In Michaels opinion, the founding and supporting of the Cork Youth Orchestra was a vital historic event in he world of music in this country........quote from The Cork Examiner on July 2nd 1958.

After the Inaugural concert in the Aula Maxima, UCC, there was a reception in the Imperial Hotel.

A presentation was made to the conductor.

The Conductor

.....quote from The Irish Press friday Jan 30th 1959......

Perhaps the most self-effacing person there, was Michael o'Callaghan. The earnest, hard-working conductor who has done the teaching and the coaxing, the inspiring, the encouraging and the disciplining over the past few months.

A gentle, quiet-spoken and unassuming man without a trace of cynicism or side in his make-up, he is the father of six children and teacher of music at Christian College.

A visitor who was present at a class of his a few years ago told me he had never been so quickly, so memorably illuminated, as during a short lesson of Michael O'Callaghan's to a class of small boys. I have heard too, that his brilliant lectures at boarding schools in the country have had the same results.

He is an inspired teacher not only because of his great love of music but also because of his sense of the importance of children. Nothing is too good for them, in the spiritual sense, ''but the best thing of all is the good example of parents and teachers.'' He means it when he tells you that he is 'priviliged to teach.' With such a man directing it the Youth Orchestra should attain maturity and distinction.

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