Colm Brings It Home ...

Posted on 13 December 2011
Evening Echo article of our concerts with Colm Wilkinson.

Padraig Hoare writes about our concerts with Colm Wilkinson. These concerts will be remembered by the orchestra for many years. George Hook went down a storm on stage, but it was backstage that he made the most impact, he gave his time freely to the players for photos, autographs (never thought we'd see rugby balls in City Hall on CYO concert night).

However the biggest memory for most will be the time, consideration, and encouragement that Colm Wilkinson gave to the Orchestra during rehearsals. Followed by the fantastic experience that this group had of performing two sold-out concerts with this Legend of the theatre world. Well over 2,000 people came along to watch a connection being made by this group of players under our conductor Tomás McCarthy, and Colm Wilkinson. Here's hoping that this isn't the end, you'd never know! 

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