Parents' rosters

Copy and paste the CYO Ref. No. from your CYO registration receipt.

Organising the activities of very active youth orchestras is no easy task and involves a huge commitment of time and energy from our Musical Directors and 'backroom' staff. But this commitment alone still isn't enough to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This is where our Parents' roster comes in! Running the orchestras effectively requires that a number of parents be present to supervise at each rehearsal. (This is essential not least to satisfy the requirements of our insurers.)

In short, if your child - or children - is/are involved in one of our orchestras, you will be required to participate in the supervision roster. Don't worry, however: the duties are not at all onerous. Generally speaking, being on the roster requires that you attend, on average, one rehearsal per term. ('To attend' means simply that you arrive at the start of the rehearsal, help to ensure that the rehearsal hall is set up with chairs, music stands, seating platforms, and so on... and that the hall is left as it was found when the rehearsal finishes.)

It is your responsibility to arrange a swap with another parent if you are unavailable on the date for which you have been assigned duty. All communication with the orchestra manager is via text message to the manager's mobile phone. Phone numbers can be seen in your roster notification email.