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If you would like to support CYO but don't have time
to give right now, why not consider a tax-deductible
financial contribution?

Support the CYO with a tax-deductible donation

Section 848A of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997 provides for a scheme of tax relief for certain eligible charities and other approved bodies in respect of donations received on or after 6th April 2001. CYO is an approved body for the purposes of this scheme.

In order to qualify for the scheme, a minimum of €250 must be donated in a given tax year.

The arrangements for allowing tax relief on contributions depend on whether the donor is a P.A.Y.E. taxpayer or a self-assessed individual.

If you are a P.A.Y.E. earner, CYO is eligible to receive a tax rebate on a “grossed-up” basis in respect of any contribution over €250 made by you to CYO in any one tax year. For example, if you pay a total of €500 to CYO during 2009, we will be eligible to claim a repayment of €362 if you are on the higher rate of tax, i.e. 42%. (€500 = your donation. To calculate the gross value, divide by 58 (100-42) and multiply by 100: 500 x 100/58 = 862. Gross payment = €862. Nett payment = €500, tax associated with the donation is €862 - €500 = €362)

If you are on the standard rate of tax, i.e. 20%, CYO will receive a repayment of €125. (€500 = your donation. To calculate the gross value, divide by 80 (100-20) and multiply by 100: 500 x 100/80 = 625. Gross payment = €625. Nett payment = €500, tax associated with the donation is €625 - €500 = €125)

In order for CYO to claim the tax relief, we must receive a completed “Appropriate Certificate” in respect of each P.A.Y.E.-only contributor. (The information on this certificate will be treated in the strictest confidence.)

If you pay tax on a self-assessment basis, or pay a portion of your tax under the self-assessment system but also pay tax under the PAYE tax system, you are entitled to claim the tax relief in respect of your contributions. Your accountant can advise you further on this.

It is worth noting that, if you are self-assessed and on the higher rate of tax (42%), a contribution of less than €250 would attract no tax relief, but by increasing your contribution to €250 it would be fully deductible and would result in a net cost to you of €145.

Further information on tax-deductible donations, as described above, can be found in this document (PDF, 96k) from the website of the Revenue Commissioners.