The spirit of the CYO cannot fully be captured in words. Each rehearsal, each performance and each trip away has a story to tell. By means of our Photo Galleries it is our hope that visitors to our website will come to appreciate the joy and fulfilment that comes from participating in our youth orchestras.

The recent photos below, as well as older photos here, are just the beginning. We are sure there are many, many others that, over time, will… build an even bigger picture of CYO. Our thanks to those who have already submitted photographs for inclusion. If you would like to share images with us, please contact us: we would be delighted to hear from you.

… And one more thing that we must point out: the photographs on our website may not be reproduced without express permission of CYO. Please respect this so that our photographs can continue to be enjoyed by everybody.

Thanks to Martin Hurley - - for his wonderful photographs below.

Owen Crotty took lots of photos backstage, too, both of individuals and groups.

(And then, there are older CYO photographs here.)

  • CYO-1
  • CYO-10
  • CYO-11
  • CYO-12
  • CYO-13
  • CYO-14
  • CYO-15
  • CYO-16
  • CYO-17
  • CYO-18
  • CYO-19
  • CYO-2
  • CYO-20
  • CYO-21
  • CYO-22
  • CYO-23
  • CYO-24
  • CYO-25
  • CYO-26
  • CYO-27
  • CYO-28
  • CYO-29
  • CYO-3
  • CYO-30
  • CYO-31
  • CYO-32
  • CYO-33
  • CYO-34
  • CYO-35
  • CYO-36
  • CYO-37
  • CYO-38
  • CYO-39
  • CYO-4
  • CYO-40
  • CYO-41
  • CYO-42
  • CYO-43
  • CYO-44
  • CYO-45
  • CYO-46
  • CYO-47
  • CYO-48
  • CYO-49
  • CYO-5
  • CYO-50
  • CYO-51
  • CYO-52
  • CYO-53
  • CYO-54
  • CYO-55
  • CYO-56
  • CYO-57
  • CYO-58
  • CYO-59
  • CYO-6
  • CYO-7
  • CYO-8
  • CYO-9

Enjoy the party?! See some photos here.

CYO didn't make it to Bandon because of the floods, but that didn't diminish the fun in Killarney! See photos here.

The Junior Orchestra made a great trip to Tipperary in April and presented a very successful concert with the Tipperary Ryan Youth Orchestra in Ballykisteen Hotel, Tipperary Town. Rehearsal photos from Deerpark, photos from a visit to Cahir Castle, and photos in Tipperary Town can be viewed here.